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You are the Point person for the organization's success, let us handle the numbers

Beside the Point provides responsive bookkeeping, financial services, consulting, data management, and operational analysis that can allow you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.  We specialize in providing insight and detail into each program within the organization so you can manage your funds for the greatest impact.   We are not a service provider but a value creation partner that takes pride in building relationships and helping.


Jeremy Van Groll
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Online bookkeeping services.  

Accurate. Timely. Responsive.   

Providing the right tools to deliver value.

Bank-level security and confidentiality.  

REVENUE / EXPENSE management

Improved cash flow to extend your reach.  

Get your cash faster and easier.

Keep expenses in check.


Financial Consulting / Data management

Data-driven, informed decision making.  

Find value.  Eliminate waste. 

Insight into your organization to identify opportunities to increase your impact.                                                         

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.
— Albert Einstein


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